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Cybex enhances car seat safety

Cybex has developed four new car seats to offer superior safety for parents and their children with S-Line range. 

Introducing the all new Pallas S-Fix, Solution S-Fix, Sirona S i-Size and the Cloud S i-Size – four car seats that redefine car seat safety, and offer a unique set of safety and functionality features to ensure a child benefits from maximum protection throughout the stages of their development.

Pallas S-Fix and Solution S-Fix 

Designed to make travelling easier and more convenient, the Pallas S-Fix and Solution S-Fix now include narrower exteriors, whilst offering more space inside at the same time. This will ensure a child remains comfortable on longer journeys whilst taking up less space in the car. 

Pallas S-Fix – even more space for small travellers. Suitable for Group 1/2/3, 9-36kg.

Suitable from 9 months to 12 years old, the Pallas S-Fix includes a number of enhanced features including:

* An optimised impact shield which can be adjusted with one hand. This reduces the risk of neck injuries without confining the child, and provides the highest comfort and freedom for a baby to move. 

* A reclining headrest that prevents the child’s head from tipping forward while sleeping, ensuring that the head always stays inside the safety zone in the event of a side-impact collision.

* A new Linear Side-Impact Protection System (L.S.P.) which reduces the forces of an impact from a side-impact collision by approximately 25%, when compared to the same car seat without extended L.S.P.

Solution S-Fix – suitable for Group 2/3, 15-36kg.

The Solution S-Fix stands out due to its exceptional safety and comfort and is appropriate for 3 to 12 year olds. The car seat comes equipped with a reclining headrest, and the new L.S.P. system for optimised safety. Additionally, it offers: 

* A 12-position height adjustment that allows the seat to grow with the child. 

* An integrated ventilation system which provides a comfortable seat temperature for the child, even on warmer days.

Cloud S i-Size – maximum safety for the youngest travellers.

The range also includes the new Cloud S i-Size. Offering maximum safety for young travellers, the Cloud S i-Size is suitable from birth to approximately 18 months. Key features include three travel positions: the seating position, the semi lie-flat position (125°) for babies inside of the car, and the ergonomic lie-flat position (145°) outside of the car to ensure a baby is always comfortable, and can rest for longer. The car seat can be used belted inside of the car when in the semi lie-flat position. 

Sirona S i-Size – the first rotating i-Size car seat.

A new member of the Cybex family, the Sirona S i-Size can be used from birth to approximately four years. Parents don’t need to worry about awkward lifting in and out of the car or back strain anymore, thanks to the innovative 360° rotating mechanism, which allows parents to easily switch between rearward and forward-facing positions. The Sirona S i-Size also includes Energy-Reduction Technology to reduce the strain on the neck in the case of a head-on collision.

Did you know? Transporting a child rear-facing reduces the risk of injury in a head-on collision by more than 80% compared to forward-facing car seats. The Sirona S i-Size features Driving Direction Control, a pioneering parent-friendly technology feature which prevents misuse of the forward-facing position before the child is at least 16 months old or 76cm tall. 

The Pallas S-Fix and Solution S-Fix will be arriving in stores from January 2018, while the Cloud S i-Size will be available in the first quarter of 2018. The Sirona S i-Size is already available in selected stores. For more information, please visit 

Pictured: Pallas S-Fix, Solution S-Fix, Cloud S i-Size and Sirona S i-Size

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