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Disney UK launches Magical Bedtime campaign

New 'time for bed' call service from some of its iconic characters after research revealed that many UK parents are left exhausted by the demands of  putting their children to bed

The campaign is part of new occasion  brand 'Disney Magical Bedtime' and is being supported across retail, TV, publishing and online with the aim of making bedtimes more enjoyable for families.

As part of the campaign, Disney favourites including Mickey and Minnie Mouse will help parents coax their kids to bed with a call wishing them goodnight and a fun reminder of the importance of a good night's  sleep.

There is also a dedicated online Disney Magical Bedtime hub, featuring hints and tips for parents, bedtime rewards and activities, as well as Disney Channel 'Snuggletime' content and bedtime Disney products.

In research conducted to support the launch of the call service, one in five (18 per cent) parents admitted their children's bedtimes are as demanding as an entire day at work, with 12 per cent finding them as stressful as looking for a new job or being stuck in traffic ahead of an important appointment (25%). A third are so tired by the time their children are asleep they just want to flop in front of the TV.

Nearly two thirds of British parents say their kids make up excuses to delay going to bed with 44% begging for 'just one more' story and a third throwing a nightly tantrum. According to the new study, the average parent spends the equivalent of eight whole days a year negotiating with their kids to go to sleep (2) and one in ten parents
loses over two weeks (15.5 days). Bedtime has also been voted the time of day that parents are most likely to find challenging and welcome some help and support (26 per cent) versus the school run (21 per cent), and getting the children dressed (17 per cent).

To help encourage kids into bed or reward good behaviour, parents can now text the new Disney service to arrange for their children to receive a special goodnight call from four much-loved characters including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Cinderella and Jake the Never Land Pirate. The calls are also available on

Disney surveyed 2,000 UK parents to reveal the demands placed on them at bedtime. Even after lights-out, 43 per cent of parents revealed they go back up and downstairs a further three times, clocking up nearly 20 metres of walking per night, the equivalent of climbing Big Ben every week.

With 33 per cent of mums and dads saying they let their four to seven year olds stay up 60 minutes longer or more during the Summer holidays, it's unsurprising that 52 per cent will find it more difficult to get back into the routine at the start of the new term.

Anna Hill, Chief Marketing Officer at Disney UK said: "As a mum, I know how tiring bedtime can be after a long day. We hope giving parents the chance to 'phone a friend' to help will help make it a calmer, more restful and, ultimately, more magical occasion for the whole family."

Ten of the most unusual and creative excuses given by children for avoiding bedtime according to their parents who took part in the survey

1. The bed is full of imaginary friends
2. Teddy needs the toilet again and isn't tired
3. I need to stay up to keep mum and dad company
4. The family pet isn't going to bed yet so why do I have to?
5. There's an insect in the room
6. There's an alien on the windowsill
7. I'm worried that if I go to sleep the tooth fairy will take all my teeth
8. The window is open and a witch might fly in
9. I have to feed the family pet first
10. I'm expecting a phone call

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