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Distribution a Doddl for bébélephant

Two Somerset sisters have joined forces to create an innovative new range of children’s cutlery.

Catherine Dodd and Rosie Phelps are the pair behind Doddl – a unique range of cutlery designed to make eating easier for children.

Inspired by the mealtime challenges faced by their own children, Catherine undertook extensive research with child development specialists to create a final design.

The cutlery, which will be distributed by innovation specialists bébélephant, is likely to hit the high street this autumn/winter and has already won the Women with Bright Ideas Award for women in innovation and engineering as well as being a finalist at April’s Gadget Show Live for British Inventors Project.

Catherine explains the concept: “Existing children’s cutlery tends to be a miniature version of adult cutlery. Doddl promotes the development of correct motor-skill function, encouraging children to intuitively use a pincer grip – an essential skill for writing and drawing.”

Commenting on their appointment, bébélephant’s Elliot Bishop said: “This is another great British innovation in the nursery sector which we are privileged to distribute. The final pre-production prototype has already been shown to leading buyers from UK retail who share our enthusiasm.”

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