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Don’t sleep on this one!

UK braced for Lulla Doll surge as stock of sell-out sleeping aid set to arrive in next few days

A bidding frenzy has begun on eBay and Facebook as parents battle to get their hands on a Lulla Doll, distributed in the UK by bébélephant.

The doll helps babies get to sleep by playing heartbeat and breathing sounds that mimic the feeling of nodding off next to a parent or carer. 

It has been such a success with some parents that the doll has sold out in Australia and the UK, where many retailers have had them on back order ever since they first hit shelves. 

The Daily Telegraph otes that some dolls are going for more than three times the RRP on online bidding sites. 

Chantal Gut, Director of bébélephant, said: “We sold out of Lulla Doll within days of our first delivery a few months ago. Major retailers here have had them on back order since then and we are ready for a similar surge following the favourable press recently. With 5000 selling last week in Australia, Lulla Doll is set to take the UK by storm once stock arrives in the next few days.”

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