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Dr Brown’s adds Tummy Grumbles

Dr Brown’s continue to add to their innovative product range with the addition of the new Dr Brown’s Tummy Grumbles.

Tummy Grumbles are reusable snack bags that are ideal for transporting baby and toddler food and snacks. They come as a handy 3-pack including a small, medium and large bag which all feature cute and colourful designs. Designed to stay upright when full for easy handling, the bags are simple to open and close and feature hook and loop resealable closures. As well as being ideal for on the go, Tummy Grumbles are also water-resistant and freezer safe so parents can prep ahead. They are also dishwasher safe.

Fiona-Jane Kenworthy, Marketing Manager at Dr Brown’s comments:

‘Dr Brown’s is an iconic brand and people often think that it’s simply all about our award winning anti-colic baby bottles when in fact we have a range of products to meet babies every milestone. Products suitable from birth right up to toddler age. The new Tummy Grumbles are a brilliant buy for parents and will be used time and again not only for convenience but also because they help to reduce wastage.’

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