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Dream Baby releases handy safety tips for the kitchen

Handy hints to keep children safe in the kitchen.

Dream Baby have published a series of tips to keep your children safe.

They say: "It’s important to use a variety of locks and latches to prevent access to drawers, cabinets, fridges and more.

"Even with the use of locks and latches, it’s essential that families keep any sharp or dangerous items on high shelves, out of reach of children.
"While the hazards of ovens and stoves are commonly understood, we can easily forget that smaller appliances, such as a toaster, hand-held blender or kettle can be risky too.

"Glasses, porcelain plates and more can cause serious accidents if pulled down or smashed.

"It can often be easier to clean up as you go, and we recommend putting away as much raw food, knives and other prep utensils away throughout the cooking process.

"After all cooking tools have been cleaned and put away, make sure that cupboards and drawers have been locked, cleaning products are put away, and no food has been left out or fallen on the floor.

"Don’t let your children near the oven or stove while they are still cooling down, and if you’re using a dishwasher, make sure that your children can’t get near it until it has been emptied, to prevent accidents including scalding and burns."

Check out their website here.

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