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Dreambaby expands their team

Tee-Zed Products (Dreambaby) are delighted to expand their team once again with appointment of Graeme Hargreaves as their new Senior National Account Manager. 

Graeme brings a wealth of experience from the retail sector and National Accounts arena. From a Housewares background Graeme has run his own business previously so can relate clearly to the ‘other side of the fence’, not just from a selling/account management perspective.

A history of helping retailers maximise their potential c/o listening to and understanding their needs, Graeme is a lateral, strategic thinker.

Graeme and wife Alison just had a baby, Harry, so Graeme now has an even better appreciation of the values and benefits of Child Safety naturally keeping a watchful eye on wee Harry as he grows up.

Graeme is a welcome addition to the ever growing Tee-Zed business.

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