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Dreambaby offers bathroom safety tips

Preventing avoidable accidents can be very simple.

Not all injuries are preventable – but many are. The majority of accidents take place in the home, and the bathroom is one of the most common hazard areas. Children can drown, burn, slip on tiles, and get into medicine cabinets, which can cause serious internal and external injury.

Many bathroom risks are preventable with simple tools. Hot water can lead to burns and scalding, the Dreambaby Soft Spout Cover (right) is an excellent option to help prevent bath-time injuries.

The Dreambaby Anti-Slip Bath Mat with Too Hot Indicator is a fun and simple way to increase safety in the bathroom. The star-shaped indicator lets you know if the water is too hot before placing child in the bath, and the mat can help prevent slipping on soapy tiles. Both items are decorated with animal designs, making it fun for young children.

It’s important to keep any bathroom cabinets firmly secured – particularly those that contain medicines, any cleaning agents and sharp objects. Keeping medicines away from curious hands (and mouths) is absolutely essential. Children can have serious, damaging reactions to ingesting medicine, which they have not been prescribed. Furthermore, make sure to conceal or remove scissors and other sharp objects, to keep them firmly out of reach. If your bathroom contains high shelves, it is recommended to place any potentially hazardous items well out of reach of children.

While bathroom safety begins with cupboard locks, non-slip mats and water safety, it doesn’t end there. Never allow a child near a bathroom unsupervised, and ensure that any potential hazards are dealt with before it’s too late.

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