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Evolve and revolve with Childhome

There is nothing tougher than moving a high chair with a baby in it. Therefore Childhome created the Evolu ONE.80° high chair

With the swivel function added to the Evolu chair, the Evolu ONE.80° has become an award winning high chair. The swivel seat allows parents to place or feed their child in the seat in 3 different positions without moving or lifting the entire chair. Easily pull the latch to click the chair in the next position towards the table, 90° clockwise or 90°counterclockwise relative to the table. Adapt the Evolu ONE.80° to your needs with extra-long legs, an optional eating tray or a universal seat cushion.

On top of that you can use the Evolu ONE.80° from birth with the new Newborn seat. With the Evolu Newborn seat your baby can accompany you at the dining table or at the kitchen island. Childhome opted to create a product that can be used for years. They thought about design, ergonomics, safety and functionality.

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