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Ewan Deluxe is Now Baa-ack in Stock!

Having sold out within days, the upgraded version of the iconic and multi-award winning ewan the dream sheep sleep aid, is now back in stock!

Thanks to its thoughtful design, sleep deprived parents flocked around to order the new model, causing it sell out in less than a week! It is no surprise really given its intelligent new features ensure the whole family gets some sleep!

What makes this member of the flock superior is the brand new MoonMode smartCRY. This function ensures ewan automatically activates when baby stirs in the night meaning he can work his magic resettling little ones, while mum and dad stay tucked up in bed! The new removable control pod is also a handy development enabling the iconic character to be washed again and again!
Parents that have been waiting in suspense for the ewan Deluxe to return, can now relax... he is back in stock!

Commenting on the sellout of ewan Deluxe, Lynda Harding, mum of six and Founder of SweetDreamers said: “We have been so overwhelmed with the response to the ewan Deluxe and so proud of our sell out!!! It is great to see just how many parents have loved the upgraded features and that our hard work has paid off! Much to new parents’ delight, ewan Deluxe is now back in stock!”

Thanks to his Velcro tail, ewan Deluxe can be easily attached to cots, car seats and pushchairs, making him the perfect companion; providing little ones’ comfort everywhere they go!

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