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ewan’s flock have a lot to bleat about!

Feast your eyes and graze on the ever-growing flock from the brand behind the iconic ewan the dream sheep (K&J Hall 4.1, Stand: B041).

The latest and highly anticipated addition to the herd, the ewan Deluxe, will be joined at K+J by all their sleep soothing products, lovingly designed to help babies sleep peacefully.

Using sophisticated MoonMode smartCRY technology, ewan Deluxe uses his intelligent sensor to learn baby’s cry and automatically activate his magical sounds to soothe little ones back to sleep. He also now features a removable pod which means he can be washed, a must for any parent.

Classic ewan will also be on show with his calming pink glow and 4 sleep inducing sounds ensuring little one drifts off into a slumber without the need for counting sheep. Keep your eyes peeled for the reveal of our new colour range.

Joining them will be their super soft comforters; the baa baa blankie and ewan snuggly. Both feature ewan’s friendly face in either the iconic purple or the popular grey colour. With silky edges and velvety soft material, these are the perfect bedtime companions. Watch out for a new addition the snuggly range which is sure to be a hit with parents.

And last but not least and set to cause quick a quack, is Gertie the Good Goose! Expertly designed to soothe tender gums, this teething toy not only offers the ultimate rescue remedy for the teething phase, but is a super cool companion little ones won’t want to be without.

Find the whole flock at B-041 in the UK Pavilion.

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