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Ewan’s global flock reaches 100K

SweetDreamers, the brand behind sheep, Ewan the sheep, is thrilled to unveil sales of its multi award-winning sleep aid have topped more than 100,000.

Ewan the dream sheep hit the shelves in 2011 and has received global acclaim amongst parents ever since. Ewan emits soothing sounds and a warm glow, which promise to send babies into a peaceful slumber in an instant.

In just three years, Ewan has won 12 highly respected awards including the title of Gift of the Year in 2011 and a Gold accolade at the 2014 Mother & Baby Awards. Ewan is sold in a phenomenal 23 countries including Canada, China and the Benelux.

The ingenious sleep aid can be used from birth. By closely mimicking certain sounds from the womb, it helps babies establish a healthy sleep pattern. This womb with a view helps trigger a calming reflex, so reducing crying time and inducing quality sleep.

Commenting on Ewan’s international success, mother of six and the founder of SweetDreamers Lynda Harding said: “To have sold over 100,000 Ewans is a fantastic milestone for the brand and we are just over the moon. I created Ewan following numerous sleepless nights with my sixth son. I soon realised there was nothing on the market to solve this universal problem. After seven years of research, working with experts and parents, ewan was born and has gone on to be more successful than I ever imagined. To know I have helped babies and their parents across the world get the sleep they need is just brilliant and makes me feel very proud. SweetDreamers will continue to develop its range to ensure bedtime can be simple for every family.”

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