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Filling a gap in the market

KDBC Furniture (Cots & Cot Beds) is the new kid on the block

KDBC Furniture (Cots & Cot Beds) is the new kid on the block; Gordon Downie, who heads up this business isn’t so new, having worked in this sector since 2008, Gordon has taken the plunge to bridge a gap that he believes exists in the Nursery market for quality, Entry Price Point product.

Competing in this sector is tough and highly competitive but at the same time, lucrative if you get the buying right and that’s where Gordon and KDBC believe their offer fills a gap in the market.

The  business model is simple; keep overheads as low as possible, pass those savings on to you and provide a quality product at a very competitive price.
The company specifically target customers who want the benefits of a DPP / FOB  Programme but either don’t want to or don’t have the resource to do what is required themselves. They take care of everything - you just have to receive delivery.

Order requirements are simple; 100 pieces of an item and the minimum order is 400 or 800 (mixed SKU’s).
In return, KDBC offer very competitive prices and they keep their trading terms simple too.

For more information, email Gordon at or call him directly on 07799 068221.

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