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Fingers saved thanks to new device

Home to one of the market leaders Fingershield, Cardea Solutions have developed door finger guards for the home, ideal for parents with crawling babies and toddlers.

According to RoSPA, around 40,000 door finger-trapping incidents occur every year throughout the UK. With Cardea’s door finger guard pack, the gap between the door and the frame is covered on both the front and rear side, preventing trapped fingers.

In addition, Cardea’s Happy Hands doorstopper was designed to complement the door guards and is an attractive but effective way to make sure finger trapping accidents are removed on the handle side of the door.
Quick and simple to fit, the door safety products will give reassurance that both minor and serious trapped finger injuries are completely eliminated.

Become a stockist of the door safety range by calling  0161 413 0766 emailing or visiting their website

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