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Fresh look for Kids II

The infant toy company revitalises visuals for top brands Baby Einstein and Bright Starts

Infant and toddler toy specialist Kids II has revitalised and is relaunching its signature brands, Baby Einstein and Bright Starts.

Critically acclaimed designer Joe Duffy has partnered with Kids II as creative director on the rebranding. He is one of the world’s most respected and sought after thought leaders on branding and design, and this is the first of many projects to be led under his creative vision at Kids II.

The Kids II creative design team worked alongside Joe Duffy to produce the updated identities for Baby Einstein and Bright Starts, and worked with design firm Duffy to redesign and develop a visual brand language for each brand, including refreshed logo design and packaging to showcase the company’s core belief in design excellence.

“We are a company driven by design,” said ?Kids II Design/Art Director, Marketing Creative and Imaging, Adam Bain. “Joe Duffy’s experience, coupled with his passion for world-class branding and design, have made for a collaborative partnership. As a result, the new identities bring enhanced meaning and power to the Baby Einstein and Bright Starts brands. From on-product branding to textiles and product design, the redesign touches every aspect of the brand and reflects their true essence.”

The brand revitalisation of Baby Einstein coincides with its 20th anniversary. The new visual identity is inspired by discovery and progressive learning. Bright Starts, a line of products designed to spark smiles and laughter in babies, is rebranded with simple, bright and amusing elements.

“We are dedicated to designing for kids because we are kids at heart,” said Joe Duffy. “The new visual expression offers an experience that kids engage in and parents ultimately trust. The design concept delivers differentiation in a highly competitive marketplace and reinforces the brilliant design executed in Kids II products.”

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