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Full-time mum and first-time author wins her own Lamaze book

Stacey Smith, a full time mum from Stevenage will soon be seeing her name in print as she celebrates her win in the Lamaze Story Maker competition run earlier this year.

Stacey has always enjoyed writing poems and stories. Following a suggestion from a friend, she started looking at suitable things to enter and decided to have a go at sending in a story for the Lamaze competition. Inspired by her three young children and a recent bout of chicken pox, Stacey chose to write a poem about Percival the leopard and his changing spots. The idea proved to be a winning formula.

‘I am so thrilled to have won this competition and can’t believe that I will have my own book in print. It will inspire me to write other things and will be a lovely childhood memento for my children,’ Stacey.

Stacey, age 33, lives in Stevenage with her boyfriend and three children, aged five, three and 17 months. Stacey’s story will be launched in early 2015, entitled Poorly Purring Percival. The book will be a limited edition and available at selected outlets.

‘We were absolutely delighted with the quality of entries,’ said Emma Fryer from TOMY, ‘but Stacey’s entry was a hit with all the judges and made a perfect story for little ones to enjoy. We wanted to highlight the importance of sharing stories with young children and how reading aloud to your baby is a wonderful bonding activity. This story will be one that is read over and over again.’

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