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Get ready for Medi-Redi

Medi-Redi, the essential children’s medicine timer and container, is all set to launch in Cologne

Designed to hold everything a child needs to get over their illness quickly. The clear timing device shows when the next dose of medication is due and which medicine to administer, either with a Red or Green light, or an alarm. Medi-Redi provides complete peace of mind and organisation when it comes to timing children’s medication, whilst the storage container holds any medication needed, everything in one helpful device. Medi-Redi ensures: Right Medicine, Right Dose, Right Time.

The child safety features ensure medicine is kept safely out of reach of children yet is conveniently handy for parents.

All children get sick from time to time and need medication.  Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of when medicine has been given, especially if sharing child care. Scraps of paper with the times written on can be misplaced or forgotten and are really not good enough.
Winter is the crucial time for children to get poorly and Winter always sees a spike in coughs and colds, as children go back to school or nursery and are exposed to more germs. Parents magazine has just released the most common children’s illnesses: which include horrors like foot and mouth and “slapped cheek syndrome”!

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