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Amanda Jenner Answers the Nation’s Potty Training Questions on ITV

The team at Cheeky Rascals were excited to spot Amanda Jenner, Founder of the ingenious My Carry Potty, answering the nation’s potty training questions on ITV’s popular daytime TV show, This Morning. 

The segment, titled ‘Potty Training Problems’ and presented by much-loved TV duo, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, invited viewers to call in and ask Amanda Jenner for advice on their potty training concerns and worries. The jam-packed feature saw lots of parents phone in, covering the topics of when to start potty training, how to train throughout the night and rewards to encourage little ones to use either their potty or the toilet.

 ITV’s award-winning daytime show, This Morning has a phenomenal reach of over 5 million views each day. The enviable feature undoubtedly created fantastic exposure for both My Carry Potty and The Potty Training Academy, founded by Amanda, and both distributed in the UK by Cheeky Rascals.  

Selina Russell, Founder of Cheeky Rascals commented “We were so pleased to see Amanda Jenner on ITV’s This Morning, she is so passionate about supporting families and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Potty training can be a challenge for parents and little ones alike so it is great to see such a popular daytime show covering the topic. They couldn’t have picked a better expert!”

 My Carry Potty is a hygienic, odour-free and completely leak-proof potty with an ingenious rubber, watertight seal and unique click-shut lid. Designed as an all-in-one potty, wipes and toilet paper can cleverly be stored in its handy base, negating the need for any disposable bags while on the move. Made from high quality, durable and easy to clean plastic, My Carry Potty is easy on the eye too with fun, playful designs including a bumble bee, cow and ladybird. 

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