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Gold for Babymoov

Babymoov is thrilled to have secured Gold for their Cosydream sleep positioner in LovedByParents Awards, for the Best Sleeping Aid category.

Helping provide newborn babies with a gentle transition from womb to cot, Cosydream has been developed by experts to deliver the ideal anatomical position for sleep. It provides the correct support and posture during the precious early months, to ensure a safe, comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep.  The unique, breathable, memory foam design adapts perfectly to baby’s body shape; gently cradling baby to improve the quality and duration of sleep. 

The removable leg bolster helps to keep the legs raised in a semi-foetal position; decreasing symptoms of colic and gastric reflux, whilst the specially shaped headrest works to reduce the risk of Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).  The close proximity of the Cosydream helps to soothe and reassure baby by simulating the environment inside the mother’s womb, preventing anxiety and reducing sudden movements such as the startle or moro reflex, which may cause baby to awaken.

This award joins a host of others already achieved by Babymoov and reflects the continued success of the brand to consistently design products that make a genuinely positive impact on parents and the way they care for their baby. As one father recently wrote, “I love this product, it has finally given me and my wife some sleep with our newborn who refused to sleep in anything other than our arms. She loves being held tight and I think this gives her that feeling”.

Of this most recent award, Simon Winskill, UK Business Director comments: “We’re delighted to have received such a prestigious award.  The LBP awards are particularly important to Babymoov as they’re indicative of consumer opinion towards brands and products.  To receive gold, is therefore, highly regarded by the Babymoov team, who strive to deliver innovative products that meet genuine needs of parents”.

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