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Nursery retailers across the UK are planning their visit to Harrogate International Nursery Fair

Harrogate International Nursery Fair is the UK’s only nursery trade show where nursery retailers can source the latest baby products and show their support of the UK’s nursery industry.

Alan Peacock of Little Peas Dunfermline, told Penny Franks, editor of Nursery Today: “Harrogate is a ‘must’ for our business and I feel that we should all support the show if we can – use it, or lose it. Any forum that allows retailers to visit multiple suppliers at once, efficiently and in one building makes total sense.”

Derek Bavaird of Jan Stewart Prams, added: “Jan and I have already made our reservations to stay and attend the entire event. I think it’s important to show exhibitors that level of loyalty and respect for their efforts – particularly with the extensive and generous hospitality offered.”

Many exhibitors are putting together some extremely generous SHOW OFFERS making visiting this year more worthwhile than ever before.

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