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Hello Little Royals 

Introducing a new UK based company called Little Royals with global ambitions. 

The Little Royals products are of outstanding quality, with all products designed here in the UK consisting of superbly innovative child’s car seats and a practical, ultra-compact folding stroller.

The Rotating Child’s Car Seat is designed to fit perfectly and securely first time in any car and the 360 rotating function allows parents to place their child in quickly and effortlessly before locking the unit into place, the isofix seat can then be turned in seconds to the age appropriate direction ensuring safety, comfort and ease for both parent and child for every trip. The luxury Windsor Stroller is light weight and micro-compact. It is produced in superior fabrics only and comes with a practical backpack designed to fit in the smallest lockers such as those found on aircraft or in the gym. It even fits in the smallest of car boot alongside the shopping area - ideal for every parent.

Since launching the products at the CBME Expo in late July and at Kind Und Jugend in September, they have been engaged with distributers, enabling them to secure sales in six major countries including the UK.

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