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Hippychick delighted to announce Educate the Kids as its charity of the year

Educate the Kids is a charity which was founded in 1998 and whose vision is to ensure that children in Africa have their needs met, their rights upheld, and their dreams fulfilled through education.  

The Charity was founded by Maureen and Ian McIntyre in 1998 after visiting Kenya and being moved by the poverty, poor health and lack of basic facilities. Maureen set up the charity and sponsorship programme offering the poorest children access to an education in the area of Utange, near Mombasa.

As numbers grew, new facilities were created - new schools, water, electricity, and computers. The charity now enables over 600 children the opportunity to study.  A further 100 students are sponsored in secondary school education.

Maureen formed a singing group in Kenya called the ‘Singing Children of Africa’ which she brought to the UK for a 12 week tour in 2006.   The British public fell in love with the children’s singing and dance moves, but most of all, with the children themselves. The astonishing amount of money raised on this tour funded the building of an orphanage. 

The Singing Children of Africa of 2016 will be coming to the UK from August to October. The aims and objectives of the tour are to be able to expand the school provision meaning education for even more children.   From the children’s point of view, it offers an extremely valuable educational, cultural and musical experience.

Hippychick’s connection with the charity comes through one of its members of staff, Jake Pike.  Jake’s family were first introduced to Educate the Kids on the singing tour of 2006.  They then went on holiday to Kenya and immediately immersed themselves in the project.  Since then they haven’t looked back, campaigning tirelessly to raise awareness as well as funds for the charity.  

Julia Minchin, Managing Director of Hippychick is delighted to be involved: ‘It’s such a fantastic project.  Hippychick has always supported various charities associated with kids locally, nationally and internationallyt and this one really touched a nerve, particularly with Jake’s connection.  We look forward to supporting the Singing Children of Africa Tour later this year and are really committed to making a difference.’

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