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Imitation ISN’T the sincerest form of flattery

Bababing! take to airwaves to defend against Aldi copycat changing bags.

Last week, Snoozeshade spoke out about Aldi’s copyright infringements and this week it’s the turn of BabaBing! to take their case to the media vowing to take their fight, all the way to ensure small businesses are protected against large retailers copying products. The Yorkshire-based company began their legal battle back in January and will continue to publicise their David & Goliath battle.

Appearing on this morning’s Victoria Derbyshire Show, Nick Robinson, MD at BabaBing! demonstrated the startling similarities between the BabaBing Mani Backpack with the Aldi version which retailed at £17.99. Speaking to the presenter, Nick explained that by copying the products designed by small businesses, Aldi are not only affecting immediate sales but also future business development.

The Mani Backpack is one of BabaBing!’s most popular lines and features unique elements developed by the award-winning design team including the super-sized changing mat. The Aldi version replicates the dimensions of the mat as well as featuring the signature striped linking and the insulated bottle holder.

Nick Robinson said: "By copying the products of hard-working, innovative small businesses like BabaBing! and Snoozeshade, Aldi are not only affecting sales they are also impacting on future business growth in terms of employing new staff and expanding our ranges.

"Aldi have said that they wish to meet and discuss the issue but we are determined to fight our case not just to protect our personal reputation and brand but also to show other small nursery businesses that they don’t have to just accept that this kind of behaviour is part and parcel of developing a nursery brand."

BabaBing! will also appear on regional TV news programme Look North as well as BBC Radio Leeds and are filming at their new offices with The One Show this week.

For further information, please contact BabaBing! on: 01535 606 871

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