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Innovative toddler sleeping bag with feet

As children grow and start to take their first steps, they need all the help they can get. Slumbersac sleeping bags with feet are great for helping your child as they learn to walk and explore their world for the first time

Toddlers can enjoy the comfort and security of their sleeping bag while still being able to move about freely.

Slumbersac’s sleeping bags with feet are just like their normal sleep bags but with openings for feet so children can walk around while staying cosy in their bag.

The innovative sleeping bags are designed so that your child's feet fit inside the sleeping bag when sleeping and when they wake up they can pop their feet through the openings and walk or crawl around in it!

You can also get your little one into their bag and ready for bed nice and early but they will still have the freedom to play until you’re ready to put them down! Likewise in the morning, they can run around happily in their bag until it’s time to get ready.
Made to the same high standards as all Slumbersac’s other sleeping bags, they are made from soft 100% jersey cotton, lined with 100% cotton and are padded with soft quick-dry polyester fleece.

Slumbersac sleeping bags are of exceptional quality and are exclusively designed by their in-house UK design team. The sleeping bag with feet comes in two prints and the option of name embroidery enables you to personalise the sleeping bag with your little one’s name.

Sleeping bags with feet are available in four sizes from 12 months – 4 years.

12 – 18 months / 80cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)
18 – 24 months / 90cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)
24 – 36 months / 110cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)
3-4 years / 120 cm (measured from shoulder to the feet)

Sleeping bags with feet are available in two weights:

• Summer weight / approx. 1.0 tog. These bags are slightly padded and suitable for use in warmer rooms with temperatures between 19 and 24 degrees.
• Standard weight / approx. 2.5 tog.These bags are padded and suitable for general year-round use in room temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees.

Priced from £18.99 - £22.99

The Teal Stars design is also available as a standard sleeping bag pictured below. Priced from £9.

You can view the full range at

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