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Life is a breeze for toddlers

Lego Duplo surveyed more than a thousand parents of toddlers to find out what life today is like for a toddler.

The survey reveals some surprising results about the lives of toddlers in today's Britain.

• Almost two out of ten toddlers receive at least £5 pocket money per week
• Working parents actually spend more quality time playing with toddlers than those who stay at home
• Nearly one in five 3-year-olds has two digital devices
• Almost half of today’s under-fives eat out once a week, one in ten have been to a festival and a quarter of toddlers enjoy two holidays per year
• 43% of parents spend more than £100 on gifts

The major differences today include advancement of technology with 67% saying that access to computers has changed playtime and 1 in 5 three year olds have two digital devices.

Parents say that toddlers today have far more toys than they did, with the average toddler owning six toys in addition to devices.

Toddlers also have the opportunity to enjoy time at activity clubs and toddler groups, the volume of clubs available now simply weren’t around when parents were toddlers.

This is all good for developing their social skills before starting pre-school and maybe a reason why the average toddler already has four established friendships.

Toddlers also have cash to splash with almost two out of ten receiving at least £5 pocket money per week and 43% of parents spending more than £100 on gifts. A toddler’s life is definitely a social one, they are a busy bunch:
• 1 in 10 attends five parties a year
• 46% eat out once a week, with a third eating out more frequently than this
• A quarter of toddlers enjoy two holidays per year
• One in ten have been to a festival
• 40% go to paid groups

All in all life if good for out littlest citizens.

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