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Jané renews car seat safety message following baby tragedy

Jané is renewing its call for parents and carers to be aware of the dangers around leaving babies in upright car seats for too long, and to consider a lie-flat car seat option if they intend to leave baby in a seat for lengthy periods.

This follows the recent tragic death of an 11-week-old baby (reported in The Sun, Daily Mail and Mirror newspaperS earlier this month) who died from ‘positional asphyxiation’ after a nursery worker left him alone sleeping in an upright car seat with his chin on his chest.

To protect baby's airways, Jané recommends a lie-flat system, such as the award-winning Jané Matrix Light 2, which can be used as a lie-flat or sitting up infant car seat in the car. This helps new-born respiration, nurtures the abdomen and aids spinal development.

Jané said: "We firmly believe that there is a long way to go in terms of educating the public about the 'hidden dangers' of the car seat, and that whilst safety messages are being ‘successfully championed’, messages around heath issues such as ‘oxygen desaturation’ are simply not getting through.
"Using upright infant car seats for lengthy journeys, or as a replacement for a carrycot, can restrict a child’s airways, resulting in a growing number of these tragic ‘car seat cot deaths."

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