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Jané urges parents to stop, think and check when it comes to car seat safety

Jané is getting behind Child Safety Week (ends this Sunday) by urging parents to stop, think and check before they embark on any car journey with their baby.

Child Safety Week, which is organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust, brings together a range of professions and experts, as well as families, carers and the media, to do their bit to keep children safe from the pain of serious accidents.

The team at Jané wants mums and dads to stop, think and check that they are satisfied their car seat is fitted correctly, and that they are aware of the health implications associated with leaving their baby strapped in an upright car seat for more than two hours.

Car seat safety researchers, medical experts and baby bloggers claim that leaving a baby in a car seat in the upright position for more than two hours has the potential to restrict a baby’s airways. This is because a new-born’s reflex to keep its head held up is not fully developed. This can contribute to a condition known as SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Jason McCullough, from Jané explains: “Mums and dads need to be aware of the health implications associated with leaving their baby strapped in an upright car seat for more than two hours. The clock starts ticking as soon as you put your child in an upright seat. It is important that parents and carers get out and about with their new babies – but health officials and medical studies agree that to minimise periods of oxygen desaturation, new-borns should be transported in a lie-flat system such as the JANÉ Matrix Light 2 which can be which can be used as a lie-flat or sitting up infant car seat in the car. This car seat helps new-born respiration, nurtures the abdomen and aids spinal development.

“If your baby is sleeping in the house in the Jané Matrix Light he or she can be safely moved to the car, taken to the playgroup or the shops and back home again without having to be disturbed.”

This travel system has already won a raft of respected industry awards. Its patented Isofix system, which is a world first, means that it is extremely safe and parents can lock and unlock it with just one movement onto a static platform in the car.
Child Safety week will also focus on the issue of fitting car seat correctly and safely.

Jané was the first company to embrace QR code technology and all their car seats and Iso-fix bases are produced with a permanent QR code. These codes can be scanned with Smart Phones and link to instruction videos to help ensure all car seats and Iso-fix platforms are correctly fitted.

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