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Introducing Spin Safe

Joie’s new car seat is one of a select number to be Swedish Plus Test certified – this crash test is one of the toughest in the world combining high travel speeds with rapid deceleration, creating possibly the greatest g-forces of any car seat test.

Spin Safe, Joie's rearward only, 90-degree rotational car seat, is loaded with safety technology – the multi position headrest with Top Shield provides extra head protection by keeping passengers securely in place, whilst the extra reinforced steel strengthens the car seat throughout, adding additional security for the head, body and hips.

The side impact Guard Surround Safety panels and adjustable support leg also help slow and absorb the force of impact in the event of a crash. 

Spin Safe exceeds the highest safety standards, protecting little ones from birth up to 18kg (approx. 4 years). With the integrated ISOFIX base it offers 5 different recline positions and at just 13kg, it is one of the lightest Swedish Plus Test certified seats available. 

Tel: 01889 808 900

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