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Joolz crowned as the best managed company 2015

ING and Deloitte made the announcement last week.

The certificate and award is part of The Best Managed Companies Program organised by ING and Deloitte in partnership with The Erasmus School of Management in Rotterdam.

This was the eighth time the awards have been presented.

In the search for the best managed middle to large sized company in Holland, ING and Deloitte judge participating companies based on strategy, the performance, the amount of innovation and the financial results.

The jury said: “The Joolz product is an all time classic and through their clear branding and experience at the core of the organisation, through retailers and consumers they are known for their renowned performance. Through continuous focus on Positive Design, redeveloping and also attention for development in the world and clientele needs, there is a high level of attention for sustainable solutions of their product. Furthermore, the profit that the entrepreneurial company generates, is invested in further growth, in both new sustainable and geographic business models.”

Stan Vermeulen, general director: “We are incredibly proud that we can now carry the title of the Best Managed Company for the year 2015. It is a compliment for the whole entire team. It shows that we are in balance as a corporation, taking into account the level of fast international growth. As a team we are constantly occupied with aligning our Positive Design brand company strategy with our products, culture, employee guidance, changing company processes and the linked ICT system.”

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