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This issue we take a closer look at car seats and accessories (page 20) and all products sleep related (page 42). These features bring you what's new and products that are currently on trend within these product categories.

Our cover this month features Hippychick. With 6,000 shops closing in 2017, and 650 already gone in 2018*, there’s no doubt that the retail market is tougher than ever. Hippychick however have made it their business to ensure their customers continue to thrive despite these turbulent times and have an excellent team in place, including a new Head of Sales at the HQ in Somerset, to provide dedicated retailer support. Turn to page 14. 

This month, Nigel Plested, Chief Product and Brand Officer, Diono takes us on a journey through the innovation and development of car seats and their importance within our industry and how these are continually evolving to not only ensure high levels of safety, but also why function vs. style is now just as important (page 34). 

Regular contributor Ross Hewitt runs us through how to keep your online home neat and tidy (page 40), while John Barker of Pramland, focusses on stock problems faced by many independent retailers. Turn to page 58 to read his thoughts on this subject. 

Over at the Insights People, Nick Richardson, CEO takes a look at the new generation of super-informed parents and look at ways in which brands can maintain their advantage with expectant parents (page 60). 

Happy reading.

*The Guardian

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