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Kazoops premiers on CBeebies

New animated pre-school series, Kazoops, promotes curiosity, wonder and critical thinking.

Children’s TV Producers, Cheeky Little Media are proud to announce the global premiere on CBeebies this month of its unique new pre-school TV programme, Kazoops. This inspirational new TV property is set to change the way children view the world.

Kazoops is an animated series which follows the adventures of six-year-old Monty and his best friend, Jimmy Jones the family pet pig. Monty uses his vivid imagination to challenge preconceptions about life such as ‘you have to wear matching socks’ or ‘all games need rules’ and, in doing so, demonstrates the value of critical thinking and creative play.

Executive Producer, Patrick Egerton commented: “We are delighted to finally see the first series of Kazoops launching in the UK for kids to watch. In it we are keen to show children from an early age that it’s okay to question things and not take the world around them at face value. We want to inspire kids’ imaginations and foster the courage to think and see things differently.”

The series will also encapsulate children’s abilities to immerse themselves fully into imaginary play: - Monty's toy friends and vehicles become real when he goes on his imaginary adventures just like they do for kids everywhere when they play. Kazoops captures that sense of wonder kids have for the world, and how their imaginations are a great laboratory where they endlessly experiment to make sense of it all. 

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