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Bigger spend on baby products

According to a new Key Note Market Report, UK parents are spending increasing amounts of money on the latest baby gear

According to Baby Products 2014, a new Market Report from market intelligence provider Key Note, parents across the UK are spending growing amounts on the very latest in baby products, as a recent baby boom is creating greater need for the likes of nappies, pushchairs and baby monitors.

Modern women are increasingly shunning traditional expectations to get married and have 2.4 children, instead choosing the office over the playground, and so a generation of older, more affluent mothers are now springing up across the nation.

Favouring childcare opportunities rather than being stay-at-home parents, working mothers are spending greater amounts on baby products to over-compensate for their absence in the early years.

This new parenting attitude is seeing fashion and design houses accommodate these growing budgets, with everything from Burberry changing bags, to Dior branded baby bottles appearing in the marketplace. Prince George has been setting the bar high for parents and retailers in the last year, as if a designer pushchair or luxury bassanet is good enough for the royal family, it is certainly good enough for the little princes and princesses across the nation.

As Britain is gearing up to welcome the arrival of the next in line to the throne in 2015, all eyes are on the choice of brand and style of baby items which the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will choose for the latest addition to the family. Spitting their dummies out if they are too late to snap up the latest limited edition pushchair or leading technological innovation in baby products, parents are becoming more demanding than ever. As strollers with tracking adjustments and handbrakes designed for jogging parents are launched onto the market, it seems that there is no end to which the baby products market cannot reach in the years to come.

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