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Lansinoh’s annual breastfeeding survey's insight into mums

Over one third of mums want to see more advice from health care professionals on social media

An annual global survey of 13,348 mums by one of the leading breastfeeding and baby products brands Lansinoh has revealed valuable insights into the attitudes of new mothers from the UK* and across the world.

The survey looked into not just the attitudes to breastfeeding and the issues mums encounter, but also their social media habits, the support they received from family and health care professionals and what advice they would most like to receive from brands.

Lottie Haigh, the senior brand manager at Lansinoh said: “This is the fifth time that we have commissioned this survey, and as always the results have given us a real insight into the habits, wishes and concerns of our customers, both in the UK and worldwide.”

The survey found that 87 per cent of mums who have or are planning to breastfeed are actively using Facebook, and that mums would most value advice from other mums, with over half of respondents saying that they would like to see brands share more breastfeeding tips from parents.

Over a third of mums wanted to see more advice from health care professionals on social channels, with midwives and health visitors seen as a good support network by many. Two thirds of those surveyed (63%) said that health care professionals helped them feel comfortable and settle into breastfeeding. The figures show that the UK ranks ahead of France, Germany and Canada for levels of support but behind the likes of USA and Turkey.

The survey also looked at the challenges facing breastfeeding mums in the UK, both personally and in public. For example, for the second year running, the pain associated with breastfeeding was found to be the biggest challenge for UK mums with 22% of them citing this as an issue. And it was revealed that nearly a fifth of UK mums said they have been openly criticised or experienced prejudice while breastfeeding in public, with a fifth of respondents reporting that the most challenging time to breastfeed was when they were out shopping.

In response to current attitudes to breastfeeding in public in the UK, mums surveyed suggested ways that society and the government could help to support those who need to feed their baby in public places. Over a quarter (27 per cent) believe that the government could better support breastfeeding mums by advertising that all public places must allow it.

The survey results show that just less than a third of UK mums (29%) chose to or are intending to breastfeed for six to 12 months, with just 27 per cent exclusively breastfeeding for four to six months.

Lottie Haigh said: “These insights shed light on how we as a brand can do more to support breastfeeding mums, whether it is through encouraging mums to talk to each other in our online communities such as Facebook and the Lansinoh Happy Tummy Club, or by providing tailored information to health care professional organisations, many of whom we already have a good relationship with.”

The annual survey is the only one of its kind in the world and is conducted across ten countries; the UK, USA, France, Hungary, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, China, Columbia and Turkey.

Lansinoh has been working with mums and families for more than 30 years to provide support and products that help establish and extend the special breastfeeding relationship mums and babies have.

For more information about Lansinoh and its award-winning products visit You can also find Lansinoh on Twitter and Facebook.

*1,052 UK mums were questioned

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