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Car Seats Clarified

Nuna champions car seat safety for children this Road Safety Week - Monday 19th to Sunday 25th November 2018

A survey conducted by What Car? and specialist organisation Child Seat Safety has found that 59 percent of children are sitting in car seats which have been incorrectly fitted or are inappropriate for them. Of the 3,000 seats surveyed, 36 percent were incorrectly fitted in the car while 33 percent of those that had children in them weren’t suitable.*

With this in mind, during Road Safety Week (Monday 19th to Sunday 25th November, 2018) the car seat manufacturer Nuna will be on hand to help demystify the process of finding and correctly fitting the right car seat with their easy to follow 8 point check list.

With premium performance testing in their state-of-the-art crash test laboratory, Nuna consistently aims to exceed the car seat safety standards of Europe’s leading consumer testing groups such as ADAC, Stiftung Warentest and Which?. Through innovation and meticulous attention to detail in its sourcing of materials, Nuna is constantly increasing safety and improving practicality and promotes rearward facing travel for children up to four years old.

Damon Marriott, Head of Product Development at Nuna says, “A poorly fitted car seat can lead to potentially devastating results if involved in a collision. The most common issue with both belted and ISOFIX seats is that the child’s harness is either too loose or incorrectly adjusted with regards to the harness/ headrest height. Another common mistake is belted fixed seats, being fitted too loose”.


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