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Ewan is Still Top of the Flock!

Iconic Sleep Aid takes Top Spot in National Award

The team at SweetDreamers are thrilled to announce that their most recent launch, ewan Deluxe, has won Gold in the 2018 Made for Mums Awards. The clever gadget secured the top spot in the category for best baby sleep-aid toy, confirming that this much-loved sheep is still top of the flock!
Having put hundreds of toys under the microscope the final list is a ‘who’s who’ of the very best toys. Industry experts, real parents and their children, as well as celebrity parents joined the Made for Mums judging panel to scrutinise all the shortlisted products. To make the final cut is a true reflection of just how popular the iconic sleep aid is, especially as this specific category gets more and more competitive.

It is really no surprise that the all new ewan deluxe was a hit with the judges, given his intelligent new features guarantee the whole family gets some sleep! What makes this member of the flock superior is the MoonMode smartCRY, a function that ensures ewan automatically activates when a baby stirs. The new removable control pod is also a handy development enabling the famous sheep to be washed again and again!

Like the original and much-loved ewan the dream sheep, the upgraded model mimics the comfort of the womb. Using a soft pink glow and selection of soothing sounds, including an actual recording of a heartbeat and womb, ewan magically lull newborns and toddlers into a peaceful sleep. Each of the sounds are recorded at a low base frequency, similar to that experienced pre-birth and is combined with the recording of a resting heartbeat to help little ones settle.

Speaking about this exciting award win, Lynda Harding, Founder of SweetDreamers and the brains behind ewan said: “We are over the moon to have won a GOLD in this year’s Made for Mums Toy Awards. We are so proud of the recent developments to the original ewan, but to know this has been recognised in such an established and respected award is just great.

“To have taken the top spot for the best baby sleep-aid toy is amazing and shows that we are still a firm favourite among parents and their little ones.”

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