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Win big over Christmas

Emma's Diary gives insights into how brands can win big this Christmas

At a time when the high street is receiving increased negativity in the media and customers are tightening their belts on spending with uncertainty around Brexit, Emma’s Diary, the parenting network, has revealed key insights following research with 1,700 mums and mums-to-be to help toy brands better engage with their audience ahead of the Christmas period.

Be emotive
52% of consumers will favour a brand over another if they believe they share a common interest. And, although big budget campaigns are a great way of telling your story across multiple channels if budgets are tight, message consistency is key to show how your brand values are aligned with your audiences.

But brands shouldn’t forget that now more than ever this needs to be tailored beyond traditional segmentation. Although this can be an effective way of understanding your audience further, communications should be tailored to more than that with behaviour, personal interests and attitude all being taken into consideration.

Build your social community
Recommendations from friends and family continue to be the most powerful influence when it comes to purchasing decisions followed by online reviews, showing that brands who provide positive reassurance are more likely to be successful.

Therefore, regular posts that encourage social sharing and demonstrate authenticity of real parenting will allow for these social media communities to see both personality of the brand and benefits of products. For 49% of women, the opportunity to trial a product is key to encouraging purchase so offering samples through your channel is also a great idea.

Tread carefully with influencer partnerships
When it comes to product endorsement only 6% of mums surveyed said this would encourage them to buy from a brand with the majority revealing they find these partnerships disingenuous.

With updated ASA regulations highlighting that any influencer with over 30,000 followers is now considered a celebrity, it’s not just the high-profile names brands should be aware of when it comes to product endorsement. Therefore, brands should think about building a community of advocates instead as this will be much more rewarding when it comes to telling your story.

Understand your audience
Don’t underestimate the power of analysing website behaviour to gain a more colourful picture of your audience allowing you to ensure you’re maximising your efforts by targeting them with the right message at the right time. A quarter of mums (24%) spend 2-3 days researching a product before purchasing and the majority (77%) start their quest for information via Google. Therefore, an integrated marketing strategy is needed to ensure brands are reaching mums at multiple touchpoints.

Overall, social media provides a huge opportunity for brands of any size to engage directly with mums. And although big budgets are useful in targeting audiences across a number of platforms, any brand who shows a clear understanding of their audience by listening to their needs and are genuine with their communications will be well received.

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