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Latest test winner from Kiddy

The Evoluna i-Size infant carrier with lie-flat function is test winner in the group 0+ i-Size.

Of the 26 children's seats tested by the Stiftung Warentest and ADAC, only one single product received the grade “very good” (1.5) – the Evoluna i-Size infant carrier from Kiddy.

Size is also the only child's car seat that has received the quality seal "very good".
With a futuristic design and bright colours, the Evoluna i-Size is more than just an optical delight. It is also virtually unbeatable when it comes to comfort and safety.
The i-Size certified infant carrier offers a patented lie-flat function that can also be used in the car.
The previous model, Evolunafix, was another winner in the current round of testing (06/2016). The infant carrier, which received a score of 1.9, triumphed in the 0+ group and was co-test winner, receiving the same number of points as another manufacturer. The Evolunafix also offers the Kiddy infant carrier trademark, the unique lie-flat function for use in the car.
Four product generations on, CEO Bettina Würstl remembers the design phase for the very first lie-flat infant carrier. “Back then, all of the leading experts told us to forget it – a lie-flat function for the car was just not possible". However, the innovative leader Kiddy has once again proven them wrong, and with impressive results.
A double victory for the lie-flat carriers; currently they are the only ones on the market in which the lie-flat position is safe to use in the car.
This is possible thanks to Kiddy’s patented Lie-Flat Technology. By moving the handle, the slatted frame within the infant carrier is moved into a flat lying position. This makes it easier for your baby to breath, and is also much better for the back than a sitting position - it is particularly recommended for longer journeys.
The Evoluna i-Size did particularly well in the safety category. The experts from the Stiftung Warentest and ADAC certified that the Evoluna i-Size has a very small risk of injury in the event of a front or side crash. Thanks to double side impact protection, the force of the crash is absorbed before it ever reaches the delicate areas of your baby's body. This ensures maximal security for your child.
In addition, the judges praised the low risk of misuse and the simple installation of the seat within the car. The infant carrier can be installed quickly and without complications within the car using one-click attachment, and is just as easy to remove. With help from adapters, the Evoluna i-Size can be attached to a variety of common pushchairs, and transformed into a multifunctional travel system.
The tester's conclusions: "Very good infant carrier with ECE-R 129 (i-Size) safety approval, with an Isofix base that can be left in the car and on which the carrier can be installed simply and quickly. To improve comfort for the baby, the carrier can be shifted to a lie-flat position."

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