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no touch + forehead thermometer

Braun enters the non-invasive thermometer market

Braun is entering the non-invasive thermometer market for the first time with the launch of the new No touch + forehead thermometer (NTF3000), strengthening Braun’s reputation as ‘number one trusted brand’ by doctors’.

With its breakthrough dual technology, the thermometer measures forehead temperature in under two seconds. It’s the first product of its kind to offer a ‘no touch’ and ‘touch’ mode, enabling a reading to be taken when a child is asleep, preventing unwanted disruption in the middle of the night.

The thermometer can be placed directly on the forehead in ‘touch’ mode or held up to 5cm away in ‘no touch’ mode. Accurate and reliable, its unique technology captures the heat naturally given off by the forehead to calculate body temperature: offering parents the same professional accuracy whether they are touching the child’s forehead or holding it up 5cm away.

The fever guidance function helps consumers understand what the child’s temperature means using a simple colour indicator. The screen displays green if no fever, yellow if the temperature is elevated and red alert for a possibly high fever. Audible beeps accompany the visual indicator for temperatures above 37.4 °C.

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