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20th March 2020

As we head into this time of uncertainty, where news can change from hour to hour, the team at Nursery Today wants to take this opportunity to say we’re here to help support you and your business

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Launch of trendy and practical range for children at Ambiente

The forthcoming Ambiente has a broad selection of products on offer for buyers in search of new ranges for children.

At this leading world trade fair between 13 and 17 February, international exhibitors will be showcasing what is available in terms of new products for the young that are as trendy as they are practical.

Just the ticket for little princes and princesses, for example, is the baby blanket, sold under the name of Juwel (right) from Fussenegger. Made from high-quality cotton, it is not only useful as something to sleep on, snuggle up with or use as a crawling blanket, it also acts as the stuffing for a couple of little dolls. The cushion covers called Kasperle and Prinzessin are an excellent place to store the blanket and then serve either as a cuddly doll or as a comfortable cushion.

The baby's and toddler's plate from Oxo is divided into sections and helps very small children in their first attempts to eat for themselves. The plate has an anti-slip base and a slightly vaulted outer ring on the upper edge, so that puréed food, vegetables and the like can be more easily spooned up from the plate.

Be it dinosaurs, cute little fairies, birds or frogs – the Family Food Stars silicon moulds from Haba make it easy to conjure up cake pops, muffins, ice cream shapes or chocolate lollies in no time at all. For these high-quality moulds are suitable both for the oven and the freezing compartment. The results are sure to be a source of great excitement at any children's party.

The ABC building blocks from Kay Bojesen, Denmark, make a really nice present for pre-school and early-years children. They consist of straight and curved wooden building blocks in a simple Scandinavian design. They were originally conceived as a spelling game for Danish primary schools in the 1950s. Now these cleverly thought-out blocks are being used again for the first time since then. A gift that will surely delight more children than simply those who are learning to read and write.

Young trendsetters will, in future, find it difficult to miss out on the sling bags from Lässig, whether in pink or an orangy-red, with dots or dinosaurs. Sling bags are half way between a handbag and a rucksack and are worn with a sort of belt diagonally across the shoulder. They offer sufficient space for drinks, a lunch-box, a cuddly toy and all the other things that today's nursery and primary school children need to carry with them.

Many children are really keen to help with the cooking and baking. And what these would-be little chefs like best is, of course, to have a hand in the process themselves. And an important part of that is: cutting things up. Who wants just to watch mum and dad chopping carrots, potatoes and so on? The Junior Kitchen Knife that TV chef, Tim Mälzer, has developed, in collaboration with the Japanese cutlery firm KAI, helps children from the age of six chop things intuitively. With its rounded blades and the finger guard, the Kitchen Knife makes sure that the sticking plasters can stay in the cupboard.