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LittleLife expands with product developer/manager

The company is looking to appoint a product developer to formulate a product and range strategy that meets the brand’s commercial aspirations.

The first Lifesystems first aid kits were sold in store in 1989. While travelling in Tanzania in 1983, Mark Cobham cut his foot very badly. It was lucky for Mark that his travelling companion was a qualified doctor – Ania Koziell treated him from a collection of medical kit she carried in her rucksack. But the incident led Mark to query what he would have done were he travelling without a medical professional and from that, Lifesystems was founded.

Lifemarque is a leading supplier of outdoor equipment in the travel and health market, based in Berkshire. LittleLife is one of four brands owned by the company, the others being Lifesystems, Lifeventure and Mountain Paws. Littlelife is rapidly growing in the UK and in more than 26 other markets around the world. The brand is proud to have won many awards with products targeted at families enjoying the outdoors.

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