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Lock it or Lose it: Buggy theft Britain

According to a recent investigation conducted by Hippychick, a leading distributor of nursery accessories, Buggy theft is big business.

Second hand buggies – especially the popular brands like Bugaboo, Silver Cross, Maclaren, Chicco and Graco are a hot target for thieves. It’s a simple crime, as Paul Baines, one of the police officers behind the  My Buggy Buddy range explains: “It’s so easy to walk off with a buggy without arousing suspicion. It’s difficult to detect the crime and the rewards are potentially very high, especially with the top brands.”

No one knows the exact scale of the problem because most parents don’t report their loss to the police, or claim on their insurance.

However, according to a Daily Telegraph article in 2013 the black market in stolen pushchairs was worth £60million. In the same year, The Daily Mail reported that an insurance company paid out £70million in insurance claims for stolen buggies.

The My Buggy Buddy range is exclusively available from Hippychick, with a wide selection from locks to weights and RRP’s starting at £5.99.

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