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Lulla Dolls sell out in days

The second release of the Lulla Doll has sold out just days after landing in the UK. 

Developed by mother and psychologist Eyrun Eggertsdottir, the doll plays a heartbeat and breathing sounds to emulate the experience of children sleeping next to a carer.

Lulla’s aim is to help babies stabilise their own breathing and heartbeat resulting in longer and better quality sleep as well as added security. A crowdfunding campaign launched in 2014 financed production of the dolls and raised more than was actually required and the dolls became so popular they sold out worldwide.

“We are delighted for the manufacturers who have done so well with the product we first saw in Harrogate in 2015. We realised then this was a sure fire hit” said Elliot Bishop, Managing Director of bébélephant.

Demand was further fuelled by well timed articles in The Sun and Daily Mail in recent weeks.

“The phenomenon is similar to other innovative products we have launched – including the ground breaking Babyping Monitor – the first of its kind to work with an iOS device, so we were geared up logistically to cope with the demand. We worked through the night once we got our container and following a weekend in the warehouse, helped with coffee and chocolate, our amazing staff ensured all retailers will have all orders fulfilled in full to meet the demand. Orders are now coming in for the October delivery!” said Elliot.

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