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MaByLand Did it Again – Sale every 4 minutes

The ExCeL Baby Show proved to be yet another success for the London Baby Brand, MaByLand

They have reported a 25% increase on Baby Carrier sales when compared to last year's show. On Sunday, their busiest day, MaByLand sold 1 Baby Carrier every 4 minutes, over shadowing last years result of 1 every 8 minutes! 

“This show has exceeded all our expectations, we were initially concerned that the ongoing travel problems caused by the recent flooding could effect the number of visitors, but luckily it was a great turn out! We did notice that parents at the show were more conscious than ever about how much they are spending on their new arrival.

I don't necessarily think parents are looking for the cheapest products they can find, they are looking for high quality as well as a reasonable price, and this is why our Baby Carriers were even more popular this year, as parents were really shopping around at the show.” - Sheena Woods, MaByLand MD

Stock at this year's Baby Show became an issue for MaByLand as the sheer volume of sales were unexpected, they ran out of Black and Silver as well as Beige Baby Carriers, and began taking orders to post. Much to their surprise, MaByLand also ran out of their reusable bags, so made makeshift handles from spare ribbon!

“ExCeL was another record breaking show for us, and we are more than looking forward to the other upcoming consumer shows this year!” - Sheena Woods
More good news awaited MaByLand upon their return. On Thursday it was announced that their new Luxury Mini Elite has won a Bronze Prima Baby Award! The team are thrilled as it is such a prestigious award to win.
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