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Britax Römer reinforces its safety credentials with 'Made In Germany' campaign

Made in Germany stands for quality, longevity and excellent engineering, but for customers of Britax Römer, Made in Germany embodies one thing above all: optimum child safety.

The traditional children's brand Römer was founded in 1871 in Geislingen, Germany. Fast forward nearly 150 years, where together with its British Counterpart Britax, it has now become one of the world's leading child car seat and stroller manufacturers. Despite this global success, the company has never lost its local roots and is proud to be one of the few child car seat manufacturers still producing its products in Europe.

In total, over 90% of Britax Römer car seats sold in Europe are manufactured in Europe and more than 60% of its car seats are made at Britax Römer’s state of the art factory in Leipheim, Germany. With consumers increasingly conscious of where their products are manufactured, ‘Made in Germany’ is a high priority for the brand and the number of seats it produces from its Leipheim facility is expected to increase.

This summer, Britax Römer is pleased to launch its ‘Made in Germany’ marketing campaign. At the core of the campaign is a modern, emotive video that not only embodies Britax Römer, but also authentically portrays the innovative, chic and diverse side of Made in Germany. You can see the video HERE 

The video takes the viewer on a journey through the child car seat production process: from design and engineering, to the crash test facility and production. At the heart of the video are the people that are featured, all of which play a central role throughout. This echoes Britax Römer’s strong belief that its employees are an integral part of the company and the driving force behind the brand, from the management team to the production staff, it’s those who dedicate their lives to child safety.

Using the slogan, "Made for our children, made for your children", the video portrays the individual care and attention that goes into the production of each Britax Römer car seat, with 100% of the video featuring real Britax Römer employees for authenticity.

Directed by Milos Savic, who has brought his experience of feature films and music videos, the film was shot at the European site of the company in Leipheim, Bavaria. The 24,000m2 site has approximately 350 employees and houses a state-of-the-art crash test facility, production, logistics and offices under one roof.

The video was filmed with the production company Emenes.

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