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Making a splash at Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s stocks Splash About’s reusable swim nappy, the New Happy Nappy.

Baby swimwear brand Splash About have announced that its multi award-winning reusable swim nappy, the new Happy Nappy, is now stocked in 300 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide. On sale now to coincide with the peak ‘Back to Swim School’ buying period, the new Happy Nappy will be available in a brand new unisex ‘Little Elephants’ print, retailing at £10.99.

“Reliability, durability, value and aesthetics are the key features parents shop for when buying a swim nappy; Splash About’s new Happy Nappy excels on all these points,” comments Bernadette Spofforth Managing Director of Splash About.

Bernadette continues, “The new Happy Nappy is the UK’s best-selling reusable swim nappy. It’s approved by UK swim schools because its unique ergonomic shape provides the best protection on the market against faecal leaks. Made from premium neoprene it will last as long as it fits your child, and because this swim nappy is reusable, it not only saves parents money in the long term, it’s environmentally friendly too. It’s these reasons why the Happy Nappy is consistently awarded best swim nappy by parents and the swimming industry alike.”

Baby swimming has increased in popularity so much that buying a swim nappy is no longer a seasonal purchase. Splash About’s new Happy Nappy will be positioned in grocery, in the baby isle next to the disposable swim nappies, that also need to be worn for swim lessons, making it both accessible and convenient for busy parents shopping in-store.

“British Standards guidelines for baby swimming consider it a best practice requirement for children under three years to wear a neoprene swim nappy and over 90% of UK baby swim schools now insist babies wear a Happy Nappy before they get into the pool to ensure the water remains clean and free from leaks. Splash About is proud to be working with Sainsburys as its exclusive grocery partner to promote this message.” Added Bernadette Spofforth.

The new Happy Nappy is available in new shelf-ready packaging which has a clear comprehensive size guide. The unisex design of the elephant and mouse on a neutral white with red waist and legs bands, is inspired by the classic children’s story.

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