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Mamma Mia, Here She Goes Again!

There’s great excitement at SnoozeShade HQ 

Hollywood actress Amanda Seyfried has spotted using the UK’s bestselling sun and sleep shade for the second time.

Thanks to SnoozeShade, the A-lister and model who is clearly a big fan of the innovation, is not only able to keep her daughter in a darkened space to help with naps whilst running errands in Beverly Hills, she is also safely shaded from 99% of the suns UV rays. Amanda, who uses the SnoozeShade Original with Magenta Trim, like many other high-profile families will enjoy the fact their little one is kept under a breathable cover to maintain their privacy.

Since its launch in 2009, SnoozeShade has been popular amongst celebrities including Una Foden, Denise Van Outen, Emilia Fox, Nell McAndrew, Izzy Judd and many more. Not only do celebrities love the wide range of benefits SnoozeShade bring to every family, it also provides great privacy and ensures the flashing paparazzi lights don’t wake their babies.

Commenting on the newfound famous fan, Cara Sayer, inventor of SnoozeShade, said: “I am so excited to see that Amanda Seyfried is loving her SnoozeShade. It is great that my product is helping yet another high profile mummy create a safe and cosy atmosphere for those all-important daytime naps when out and about, with the added bonus of keeping their precious babies out of the spotlight when in public. I hope that this celebrity spot will help other parents find a solution to the extremely common parenting dilemma of napping on the move!”

With the award-winning sunshade not only creating a dark and breathable haven for babies to get the sleep they need, wherever they are, it also protects from 99% of UV rays, insects, wind and light rain - no wonder it’s a hit with the celebs!

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