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MAM is No. 2 brand in UK

According to AC Nielsen data, the MAM brand has grown to become the second largest brand in the bottles category in sales value

AC Nielsen data, up to June 9, 2018, is in and the results mean even more excellent news for MAM!

The MAM brand has grown 20.9 per cent over the last 12 months, growing more than any of its competitors to become the 2nd largest brand in the bottles category in sales value!

MAM Bottles have performed especially well, with the largest growth of 43.5 per cent to capture 17 per cent of the market and become the No. 2 Bottle brand.

Soothers, its other key category, has also shown significant growth, further cementing MAM's position as the No.2 brand on the back of 15.3 per cent growth.

While much of our growth is being driven by our key categories, MAM have seen large gains in other channels such as Milk Storage Solutions and Manual Sterilisers, up 549 per cent and 38 per cent respectively.

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