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Maxi-Cosi clears up confusion in regards to new law allowing use of i-Size child car seats

Maxi-Cosi has become aware of some confusion among consumers in regards to legislation allowing the use of i-Size (R129) child car seats.

Maxi-Cosi would like to clear this up.

The relevant pieces of legislation to bring i-Size into UK law have completed Parliamentary processes and came into force on 27 March and 1 April respectively.

But - and this is where the confusion has come in, due in part to some misleading wording on a government website - the new i-Size standard does not replace the current one (R44/04): rather, it runs alongside it in parallel.

Therefore, child car seats complying with either standard (i-Size or R44/04) may still be sold and used. Parents do not have to purchase a new car child seat if they are using one which meets the current standard.

Maxi-Cosi has been influential in helping introduce the i-Size standard and pioneering in launching three multi-award winning i-Size child car seats (along with the Maxi-Cosi 2wayFix Base) onto the UK market: the Maxi-Cosi 2wayPearl; the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus; and the Maxi-Cosi AxissFix.

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