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Medela makes history with award-winning breastpump

Francesca Hornak's bookThis week has seen an abundance of excitement in the Medela offices; after all it’s not every day companies make it into the history books.

The multi-award winning brand has yet another accolade to add to its ever growing collection following the inclusion of its innovative Swing Electric Breastpump in Francesca Hornak’s History of the World in 100 Modern Objects.

The fun and creative new book has been developed from Francesca’s popular and entertaining column of the same title in The Sunday Times Style and features a wide variety of today’s most valued and iconic products, from hoovers, wellies and teethers through to designer handbags and kitchen gadgets. It is undoubtedly a huge achievement for Medela to not only be included alongside some of the world’s best brands, but to also be the only breastpump featured!

Labelled as one of the world’s most iconic modern objects, the inclusion of Medela’s Swing Breastpump sends a positive message to all breastfeeding mothers, aligning breastfeeding with the everyday, which will be welcomed especially in light of the press attention breastfeeding and indeed expressing in public has received in recent months.

Author of History Of The World In 100 Modern Objects, Francesa Hornak commented: “I had to include the Medela breast pump, because it was the object which, more than any other, brings back my own maternity leave and the experience of having a newborn. I wrote the Medela Breast Pump story from the baby's point of view, because my son used to get quite agitated when I was expressing and I used to wonder if he was jealous of the pump! But I could easily have written it from the mother's point of view, as I'm sure it's an evocative object for many women. Using the Medela Swing appealed to my love of decanting things into Tupperware, but on a deeper level it represented a kind of freedom because it allows you to leave the baby with other people.”

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