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Bonding product for premature babies

New product Cuski Miniboo is a way to encourage mother and baby bonding.

Made from 100 per cent bamboo rayon fibre which retains scent, the Cuski Miniboo is kept on the mother to pick up on her smell, meaning that when it is given to baby, he or she will automatically detect the mother’s scent, providing them with the comfort of feeling like they are close at all times. A second Cuski Miniboo is kept with the baby.

Primarily, the Cuski Miniboo is used with premature babies in order to replicate the bonding process when parents are advised not to hold their child; this has led to it becoming a part of the developmental care programme on the NICU or SCBU in many UK hospitals.

Upon admittance to the NICU, both mother and baby are each given a Cuski Miniboo, swapping them around every 24 hours in order to retain scent, with one next to baby in the incubator at all times. As soft toys are not allowed in most units, the Cuski Miniboo works as a replacement that goes above and beyond what a teddy bear can offer.

As well as promoting mother baby bonding, recent testimonials from midwives have also shown that the Cuski Miniboo calms baby when they are away from mum by lowering their heart rate, as well as reducing blood pressure. When kept on mum, the Cuski Miniboo encourages the let-down of milk due to her having baby’s scent nearby, making it an excellent way to improve breast feeding, as well expressing breast milk via a breast pump.

Registered Midwife and Health Visitor Katie Hilton said: “The benefits of the Cuski Miniboo are matchless in terms of benefits for both mum and baby." More information on the website.

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